Alone With Everyone

February 17th, 2012 + 9:02 AM  ·  Dullwood

The light refrains again / The door ajar but I stay in / The shade-outlined position / Between four solid walls / I
think the planned transition's only hypothetical / Shun the words I've written / The mess they have become / I'm
alone with everyone I know // Time's nothing but a traitor / Its promises we wait for / I shy away from the picture
I created of myself / Replace it with a painting of ordeal and bad health / Done balancing the good and bad /
No distance left to run / I will let down everyone I love // All gestures seem so paltry / Not even death belongs to
me / The tunes I hummed in silence / The poetry I wailed / How everything reminds me of just much I have
failed / I can't describe the feeling / When confidence gone / And I'm left alone with everyone I know / I'm alone
with everyone I know


April 30th, 2010 + 7:04 AM  ·  Dullwood

And when you feel alone I'm on the phone / And when you fall asleep I'll drag you home / You wake up with the sunset in your eyes / Now the day will kiss your face before it dies // And when you seek advice come take my hand / I'm sure we will stay friends when all this ends / You melt by love's warmth / Who's to take the blame? / You've been a flake with someone elseís name // Just know that when you leave / Your love is safe with me

Dont Go Gown

April 13th, 2010 + 12:04 PM  ·  Dullwood

It's "Don't Go Down" of course, bandamp won't let me use the apostrophe. Here's the lyrics:

Itís changing / I feel storms coming up / Canít seem to find my paddle / Buried by the waves / The kids are throwing stones / There from the shore / Unless they hit the boat / It might take me home // And your love will carry me downstream / Down to the waterfall splashing // I tried to circumnavigate any big circumstance / For fear of the safety / Of you and me / But I could not hold you back / When you jumped into the lake / And left me on my own /  Yelling ďDonít go down!Ē // Ďcause my love had overgrown your esteem / Youíre drifting at twice the pace than me / Away from the waterfall // My memory carries me downstream / Down where the waterfalls are crashing / Where all of the happiness gets drowned / Note to myself: donít go down / Donít go down

Wishful Thinking

April 10th, 2010 + 4:04 AM  ·  Dullwood

I wish you were the only living woman / And I the only man on planet earth / There'd be no handsome people to distract us / But would we know what our love was worth? / I wish I was a summer in the winter / To keep you warm when the nights get cold / I want to be a winter in the summer / To cool the drink that your sweaty hand holds // And Napoleon by horse looked taller than in reality / Maybe this situation is not as bad as it seems // I want to be the only one beside you / The only one with flowers at your door / And you should be the girl that I show off with / The only one I secretly adore / I want to be a book truthfully written / You could leaf through my pages with your hand / And when you get so tired of all the reading / Then you would lay me down on your bed-stand // And Napoleon by horse looked taller than in reality / Maybe your rejection is not really what you mean // Ah, but all of this is wishful thinking / We both know it will never be like this / I should learn to take care of my looks and earnings / And you, dear, you should learn how to kiss / No, really, dear, we couldn't be more different / Despite that we sure deviate in sex / Now I noticed that my legs describe an O / While I'm sure yours always looked like an X

The Broken Hearts Bar

March 30th, 2010 + 12:03 PM  ·  Dullwood

I'm completely new :-/
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