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→The Broken Hearts Bar
· Thank you krysbaker, well it was…
Audio Review01-17-2011 · 10:27 AM
→Dont Go Gown
· @TheKunadiun: Thanks for your words! I am…
Audio Review04-16-2010 · 06:49 AM
→The Man (Final)
· Hi TheKunadiun, I really like the happy…
Audio Review04-13-2010 · 04:35 PM
→The Broken Hearts Bar
· Thanks for your kind words, TheKunadiun!…
Audio Review04-13-2010 · 04:30 PM
→How You Like Me Now
· I think it's pretty fair, the "fake"…
Audio Review04-13-2010 · 12:22 PM
→The Broken Hearts Bar
· Thank you kings, you#re right, we might…
Audio Review04-13-2010 · 12:16 PM
→Wishful Thinking
· Thanks Denis & BenSen! I'll think about…
Audio Review04-13-2010 · 12:12 PM
→Wishful Thinking
· Actually, I am not that much into U2,…
Audio Review04-10-2010 · 05:06 AM
→Salty Jeans
· I must say I dig the atmosphere of this…
Audio Review04-10-2010 · 04:04 AM
→Late Night With The M.S.T.
· Very jazzy, I like it. Could be a bit…
Audio Review04-10-2010 · 04:01 AM
→The Broken Hearts Bar
· Thanks sword, actually, the noises were…
Audio Review04-10-2010 · 03:59 AM
→Folk-You and I
· The song has its own atmosphere. I just…
Audio Review03-30-2010 · 06:26 PM
→Love You From The Other Side Of Town
· Very bluesy tone to this piece. The…
Audio Review03-30-2010 · 06:23 PM
→The Broken Hearts Bar
· Thanks Denis! ;)
Audio Review03-30-2010 · 04:59 PM
→i love you
· I wish the quality was better so I could…
Audio Review03-30-2010 · 11:59 AM
→Weight Of Wrong
· Your voice and guitar playing skills are…
Audio Review03-30-2010 · 11:56 AM
→End Funk
· I hear you have some good skills. Only in…
Audio Review03-30-2010 · 11:54 AM

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